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Professional Certificate e-Facilitation for Adult Learning (PCeFAL)


SGD 460 (before funding)


1 day

Next Schedule

25 -October-21, Monday
20-November-21, Saturday
24-November-21, Wednesday
4-December-21, Saturday

About the Course

STADA, in partnership with the industry experts DOLPHINE Performance Consulting, offers this virtual training professional certificate in a high impact practice of e-facilitation masterclass. 15 hours of On-line facilitation, 5 master classes, Highly Interactive & Fun.

Learning Objectives

In this program you will:
 Apply proven techniques that maximize learner engagement, energy, and
motivation via online learning.
 Apply “Host” or e-Facilitator support to ensure seamless, stress-free delivery.
After this program you will be able to:
 Prepare yourself, your learners, and the technology through rehearsals, active
communication, logistical setup, and post-session follow-up.
 Use your voice as your most powerful instructional tool and learn to read the
non-verbal cues of learners.

Course Coverage

Key roles of a virtual classroom facilitator
 Prepare to be an e-Facilitator
 Create Engagement Activities
 Facilitation skills to Work on An Activity

Target Audience

For ALL Adult Educator / Professional Trainers / Leaders

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