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Training Management System

VitisOne™ is an enterprise training management system that helps corporate training providers, in-house training departments and educational institutions to boost staff productivity, improve customer service and enhance management decision-making. 

VitisOne™ manages the full spectrum of training related records, including course registration, attendance, trainer schedules, course evaluations, post-course surveys and more. Its integrated CRM system manages customer records and tracks sales pipelines, sales performance and revenue. 

Public and in-house SSG-Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) can streamline their training administration processes by using VitisOne™ to prepare WSQ course submissions like assessment results, L1/L2 outcomes analysis, attrition rates and passing rates. 

VitisOne™ is customisable to meet your company's unique workflow, processes and reporting requirements.


Who benefits from VitisOne™?

  • Training Administrators/ Managers: Generate course attendance lists, assign trainers, prepare WSQ-related submissions, automated email reminders at key events (e.g., course reminders, post-course surveys 3 months after training)

  • Sales: Online registration forms.

  • Trainees: Submit course registrations and course evaluations online.

  • Trainers: View training schedule and class details.

  • Finance: Track class costs, invoices issued and payment received.

  • Management: View reports on sales pipeline, course revenue, salesperson commissions and trainer utilisation.

About Vitis Solutions

Vitis Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based IT solutions provider. We develop integrated business management solutions and mobile applications for dynamic enterprises which are looking to leverage on technology to:

  • Improve productivity

  • Enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and

  • Analyse customer data to better plan for growth and profitability.


Our Consultants have many years of experience in the business consulting and IT industries. They have served in some of the world’s largest and most successful technology and consulting companies. Their experience includes business technology consulting, solutions design and implementation and end user business management. 

We understand the importance of technology solutions to business success, but equally importantly, we know that technology is but a means to achieve business outcomes. 

Visit for more information.

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