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Using AI for Research and Writing a Book


Full Course Price - 160 SGD, NSA Subsidy Price - 32 SGD


8 hours

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About the Course

"Using AI for Research and Writing a Book" is a one-day course specially designed for seniors who want to leverage their wealth of life experiences and expertise to create a digital book or course. In an age where technology can help us share our stories and knowledge, this course empowers seniors to use artificial intelligence (AI) tools for research and writing, enabling them to inspire and educate others. Participants will learn how to blend their wisdom with modern technology to leave a lasting legacy.

Learning Objectives

• Equip seniors with the skills to conduct research using AI.
• Provide guidance on structuring and writing a digital book or course.
• Encourage seniors to share their unique experiences and expertise with the world.

Course Coverage

• Introduction to AI for Research and Writing
• Researching with AI
• Structuring Your Book or Course
• Writing with AI Assistance
• Bringing Your Wisdom to Life

Target Audience

Senior Learners above 50 years

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