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The Certified Facilitator


SGD 1500 (before funding)


3 days

Next Schedule

28- 30 March 2022

About the Course

“Facilitation is considered as one of the most effective way of enabling learning."

Learning Objectives

A course facilitator needs the opportunity and grounding to practice the role professionally. The unique Certification Program handholds you from a novice/aspiring trainer through a five-level certification process. To be effective, we need to get the basics right. This Level 1 certification 3 days course provides a comprehensive coverage using a variety of concepts and techniques, along with a fully ready-to-use starter-kit and post course consultation with a industry mentor.

Course Coverage

Understanding the dynamics of training industry
Learning principles, delivery methods and session management. 
Tools and Techniques. Foundational knowledge, skills, and techniques to be a professional trainer. 
Overview to design, develop and assess programs. 
Tools to engage your audience & deliver effectively.

Target Audience

Aspiring & Novice trainers - to become professional trainers.
Already trainers/facilitators - to revisit training fundamentals & its dynamics.
Suited for Independent, Corporate & Institutional trainers.

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