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Take Initiative & Positive Action at Work


SGD 500 (full price)


2 days

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About the Course

A person who can adapt quickly to new situations is a person with initiative. This means that they are not only able to take action in the moment, but also take the lead when they need to. The best way to describe this is by thinking about how easy it is for them to think on their feet. This trait is essential for anyone who wants to be successful in their career. It is important because it will allow them to go above and beyond what they are asked for and do more than they are expected of. They will be able to innovate and create new solutions when needed without waiting for someone else�s approval or input.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, the learner will be able to demonstrate innovation and initiative to initiate and sustain continuous improvement at the workplace while identifying, evaluating and manage risks associated with innovating and taking initiative.

Course Coverage

� Show initiative in identifying opportunities and goals for continuous improvement in workplace performance
� Show innovative behaviours to improve business performance in accordance with regulatory requirements and ethics
� Review new initiatives for possible risks and recommend corrective actions and an appropriate strategy to deal with identified risks
� Develop an action plan to implement the selected risk strategy in consultation with stakeholders using the most suitable mode of communication
� Translate ideas into action with self-direction and sustained efforts for goal attainment in accordance with context requirements, best practices and future needs

Target Audience

Operations staff who are directly performing a job function. The module offers hands on competencies for those who want to develop their abilities to carry out lifelong learning, applying learning to work and adapting to changes and diversity.

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