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Professional Certificate in Learning & Organization Development


SGD 3400 (before funding)


12 days

Next Schedule

Starts 16th June 2022


About the Course

SNEF and STADA have put together this Structured Capability Enhancement Programme for you to progress in your career as a Learning & OD professional.

Learning Objectives

• Design, Analyse or Modify Organisation Structures & Jobs for organisational effectiveness.
• Assess Learning Needs that build Capability for current and future business success.
• Develop, Manage and Evaluate Learning Programs that supportStrategic Imperatives
• Plan and Deliver Learning / HR Change Projects through effectively managing stakeholders.
• Design, Implement and Manage Organisational Change Management Projects including Performance Management
• Deliver Superior learning experience to facilitate behaviour changes.

Course Coverage

1) Job Analysis and Evaluation (SFw HR)
2) Plan Performance Based Approaches to Learning Needs Analysis (Online)
3) Manage Human Resource Analytics(SFw HR)
4) Develop & Evaluate Strategies for Learning & Development (SFw HR) (Synchronous e-learning)
5) Engaging & Managing Stakeholders for Successful HR Plans (SFw HR)
6) Implement Performance Management Programme (SFw HR) (Synchronous elearning)
7) Assist in Execution of Change Management (SFw HR)

Target Audience

For ALL Existing HRD Practioner, Adult Educator/ Professional Trainers

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