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Presenting to Win for Business


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

The ability to connect with the audience is the key to success. A great presenter connects with the audience, builds a strong foundation, develops the content, presenting with clarity and impact in order to close the deal.

Learning Objectives

� Prepare an impactful business presentation
� Recognize your strengths and weaknesses in business presentation
� Build rapport and engage your audience
� Create powerful visual aids

Course Coverage

� Common mistakes of business presentations
� Structure of Effective Business Presentation
� Defining your objectives in presentation
� Effective presentation using 5C�s
� Building good rapport with you audience
� Content Preparation
� Structuring your presentation flow
� Developing your powerful key message
� Creating impactful visuals aids
� Engaging your audience
� Handling questions and objections professionally
� Summarize the presentation
� Getting commitment from audience

Target Audience

Every employee who needs to do presentation.

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