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Mentoring Success


SGD 50 (with NSA subsidy) SGD 250 (before funding)


1 day

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About the Course

Mentoring is a business relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. The mentor is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience, and advice with a less experienced person – the mentee. Some mentors focus on helping their mentees develop their career paths or move up the ladder. Others develop their mentee as better individuals. There are a variety of mentoring situations, and approaches mentors use. This program will ensure the learners have everything they need to ensure they establish effective mentoring relationships.

Learning Objectives

After taking this workshop you will be able to:

* Apply the skill of mentoring to enhance team performance
* Recognize mentoring boundaries and pitfalls
* Develop others through the mentoring cycle.
* Clarify qualities and roles of an effective mentor
• Explain the implications of the need for a mentor’s role
• Apply essential mentoring skills

Course Coverage

Mentoring fundamentals, Understanding your mentee,. Developing the mentoring contract,. Five mentoring techniques, Overcoming barriers to successful mentoring,. The Mentor Tool Kit ., Design and Plan a Mentoring Program

Target Audience


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