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Mentoring New Entrepreneurs Workshop


SGD 450 (full price)
SGD 90 (with NSA subsidy, Singaporean & PR 50 yrs & above)


2 days

Next Schedule

6th & 7th July 2023

About the Course

Entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship is a lonely, stressful and overwhelming journey…

Leading teams, planning strategies, marketing to get sales, raising capital, ensuring healthy cash flow, handling operations, solving problems and making decisions etc. It is uncommon for novice entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs when experiencing short term quick gains, financially especially, becoming overoptimistic or worse, overspending. Things spiraled downwards.

A supercar is fast and supercharged. Installed behind its back, a strong and well-designed spoiler. This stabilizes and keeps it grounded as it speeds smoothly to prevent crashes. The supercar is likened to a novice entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. Having a mentor is like the trusted and vital spoiler, to guide and ground the passionate driven novice entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through uncharted tracks and cross the finishing line together.

Are you retiring or retired, and/or looking for more meaningful avenues to contribute your work and life experiences and expertise? Be a mentor to share your enriched life experiences with the novice entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and bring extra value to their lives through your purposeful contribution.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
a. use the consultative coaching skills to mentor entrepreneurs in their business skills
b. devise a specific entrepreneur’s business skill development plan
c. have an overview of the entrepreneurial road map to grow and expand one’s business

Course Coverage

• Consultative Coaching Skills to guide and develop entrepreneur’s skill development
• Using the B.E.S.T. coaching process to uncover and develop desired business skills
• Overview of the entrepreneurial skills needed for today’s business
• Probing, confirming and plugging entrepreneurial skill gaps
• Case studies of various entrepreneurs and their key modeling points
• Forming desired entrepreneurial habits for business sustainability and continuity

Module 1 - Mentoring Success
Module 2 - Seniorpreneurship

Target Audience

Retiring, Re-employed and Retired Professionals, Executives and Manager, and Entrepreneurs with hands-on experiences in business, private, public and NGO sectors who aspire to nurture, groom and mentor successful novice entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs in bringing entrepreneurial thinking and skills to build within the organization, industry or sector.

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