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Matured Job Seekers Series: 1- Making A Meaningful Career Transition/Switch


SGD 40(with NSA subsidy) SGD 200(before funding)


1 day

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About the Course

Making a career transition/switch can be daunting or overwhelming, especially in your silver years. Gaining clarity is the key to taking the career's first step forward, so as not to stumble on unnecessary roadblocks, losing precious time and effort in job searching. By the end of the course, you will understand your strengths, motivation drivers and transferrable skills and use these to match with your desired job/employment. You will also learn to develop a career journey map and blueprint and learn to overcome challenges and barriers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, the individuals will be able to articulate and/or apply:
- Strengths, Motivation Drivers, and Transferable Skills
- Match and decide desired job/employment
- Career Journey Map and Blueprint
- Challenges and Barriers to overcome

Course Coverage

- Current Job Market and Job In-Demands
- Overcoming Job Search Challenges and Barriers
- Discover and realign VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality and Motivated Skills)
- Job/ Employment Selection and Matching
- Career Journey Map

Target Audience

Seniors above 50 years

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