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Manage Culturally Diverse Teams


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About the Course

Leaders who manage multicultural teams must be knowledgeable and open-minded about different cultures to gain a better understanding of employees from different backgrounds and find a way to help them work together as a team. Multicultural teams are often composed of people who would rarely interact with one another otherwise. While their individual cultures should be celebrated, it is important to shape a cohesive and conducive atmosphere for everyone involved. Building a strong organizational culture when people are working remotely, as many of us are these days, can feel especially challenging for leaders.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, the learner will be able to manage workplace diversity through understanding different functions and diversity, and creating a positive work environment for diverse work teams to leverage on diverse experiences to maximise efficiency and synergy towards a common goal.

Course Coverage

� Assess diversity issues that have implications on a work team working towards common goals and objectives
� Align diverse work teams towards common goals and objectives
� Examine the differences among the background of members in a diverse work team and their implications on maximizing team effectiveness and synergy
� Establish a positive work culture in a diverse work team
� Establish a system to facilitate communication among members within a diverse work team

Target Audience

Those responsible for the operation and performance of an organisational unit.

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