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Helping the people with disabilities


SGD 40 (with NSA subsidy) SGD 200(before funding)


1 Days

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About the Course

This workshop teaches participants how to approach and interact with the people with disabilities. At the same time, it also promotes inclusivity amongst the society. Specific topics include blind simulation where participants undergo a simulation to empathize how the visually impaired live their lives, the 5A technique to approach a person with disabilities and understanding the challenges and inspiration from speaking with a person with disabilities.

Learning Objectives

Participants will
1. Define the challenges that faced by Persons with Disability
2. Demonstrate the methods of working with them
2. Apply their learnings to help a PWD that they encounter

Course Coverage

1. Landscape of the Persons with Disabilities(PwD) in Singapore
2. Challenges that they face
3. Case studies to approach the PW

Target Audience


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