Effective Time Management in the Workplace


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About the Course

Through good management of priorities, you can channel your time more effectively, recapture lost energy, and feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment on a daily basis.

Learning Objectives

� Explain why you are unable to get things done on time
� Apply how you can channel your efforts fruitfully to accomplish more work
� Apply how to conquer time killer � procrastination � once and for all
� Manage your time, prioritise your list, meet your goals, and make all your efforts more successful and rewarding
� Reduce stress and enjoy work

Course Coverage

� Assessing workload in the workplace
o Why must you ma
o Know how to overcome backlog of work & more
� Workflow Skills & Strategies
o The Must-Do�s, Should-Do�s, Nice-To-Do�s
o Clock Time versus Real Time
o Techniques for analysing time and prioritizing workload
o Scheduling tasks and establishing deadlines
o Maintaining daily schedules - What�s important or urgent?
o Dealing with the demands of other people
o How you can better deal with interruptions and procrastination
o Techniques of turning �piles� into �files�
o Making your desk a time-saving work station & more

Target Audience

For any working operations and supervisory staff who needs to get organized and stay organized so as to get the best out of the workday.