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Apply Management Level Planning Skills


SGD 500 (full price)


2 days

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About the Course

The success of your project relies on your plan. Lean too heavily on it, and you risk critical details slipping through the cracks. But don�t bother making one at all and everything will fall apart. How can you successfully plan any operation? The planning process and final result is always unique and must be adjusted to the situation at hand. The key is to understand your limitations and know what will work well in the given situation.

Learning Objectives

This module aims to provide supervisory staff with the essential skills, competencies and knowledge in the areas of project management, quality management, business process improvement and people management.

Course Coverage

Equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills on the planning process that includes working with different types of plans, using different approaches to plan and how to plan effectively.
� Different types of plans
� Approaches to planning
� Definition of organisational policies, objectives and procedures
� Four main functions of management
� Relationship of planning to other management functions
� Relationship of operational plans to strategic plans
� Organisational operational plans
� Types of functional goals
� Steps in planning process
� How to translate organisational objectives into functional goals
� How to conduct strengths and weaknesses analysis
� Contingency planning

Target Audience

New and experience professionals, managers and executives

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