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Apply Basic Stress and Anger Management


SGD 250 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

This workshop will show you how to manage stress in your work and overcome anger which could unavoidably be present.

Learning Objectives

� Manage daily work and life stress
� Explain the fundamental mechanisms behind stress and anger management
� Set priorities and limit time involvements
� Assert yourself in handling stress and anger more effectively
� Manage work relationship to improve productivity and reduce stress

Course Coverage

o Understanding our stress environments and understanding anger
o Limiting time involvements � effectiveness versus efficiency
o Planning, organizing, scheduling, prioritizing, tracking, monitoring results
o Put first things first � engage your head and heart
o Managing your own and others� anger and stress
o Conflicts resolutions in a Win-Win manner
o Effective communication, listening and response
o Practice teamwork and internal customer concept
o Manage stress, anger and worry in a fun-filled way
o Understanding stress and anger symptoms
o Techniques for relaxation and reducing negative stress
o Meditation, breathing, nutrition, mental and physical exercise

Target Audience

Any staff members who wish to achieve better stress management in work and life.

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