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Apply 5S Techniques


SGD 500 (full price)


2 days

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About the Course

This course aims to provide workers currently working in the oil and gas industry with the skills and knowledge required to perform their jobs effectively. It is developed to enable an individual to acquire the skills and knowledge in practicing 5S techniques at work. It is a systematic approach that workers can use to make incremental and breakthrough improvements in processes that produce products and services for customers.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to, which include:
� SEIRI (Clear unnecessary items from work area)
� SEITON (Organize work area in an orderly manner)
� SEISO (Clean work area)
� SEIKESTU (Maintain work area cleanliness)
� SHITSUKE (Maintain self-discipline in work area)

Course Coverage

� Introduction to the WSQ Framework
� What is 5S and why 5S is needed.
� Resistance to 5S
� Benefits of 5S
� 5S philosophy

Target Audience

This course is catered to ALL staff company wide within the oil and gas industry.

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