Angsana Bintan Corporate Packa

Angsana Bintan Corporate Packa

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Professional Development Pathway

Professional Development Pathway

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STADA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to act as a conduit to facilitate the transfer of skills and technology of human capital capabilities to enhance the growth of individual human capital development (HCD) practitioners, corporations and our international networks. 


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The Seven Stages of Adult Developmen
The maturity of a leader can be instructive in their ability to guide their organization and adapt to a constantly changing business environment.
An Agile Leader Is A Self-Aware Lead
We need to be agile. The key to becoming agile is to be self-aware in order to innovate or risk becoming archaic.
The Pitfalls of Digital Learning (an
According to a recent report by Fosway, 71% of organizations are now rapidly shifting towards digital learning to serve employees' training needs. In an ever-changing learning environment, heavily influenced by new learning behaviors, digital learning is no longer a question of converting traditional classroom training into digital media. Today, there is much more to the story.
No Feedback, No Learning
Feedback is one of the most, if not the most important tools for supporting learning. Giving effective feedback has also been found to be one of the most powerful educational interventions to improve learning.
Think Like a Start-Up, Act Like a P
An L&D department’s role is content direction, not creation. Here are six fundamental lessons gleaned from the experiences of product managers and tailored to L&D.
Adaptability: The Competitive Advan
Blockbuster was a Fortune 500 company before being overthrown by Netflix. The former video rental leader was just the first victim. Through innovative video streaming offering, Netflix turned the whole entertainment industry upside down.

Innovation is a byproduct of a culture of change.
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