Learn How to Design and Deliver

Team-based Learning (“TBL”) in Training

This course introduces and trains participants on the aspects of designing effective TBL modules and developing effective facilitation skills for TBL.

This specific form of learning will enable learners who are corporate learning and development professionals and independent trainers to:

  1. reduce training time 50% with better outcomes than lecture based learning

  2. implement blended learning in an engaging and effective delivery

The course will be delivered using a blended learning format; participants will be required to complete pre-readings and will experience TBL as a student in class.

Introduction to Team-based Learning

Team‐based learning (TBL) is an active small‐group based instructional strategy that emphasizes student preparation out of class and application of knowledge in class. Since its introduction, TBL has gained notable success in healthcare circles for its effectiveness in helping medical students grasp difficult concepts and achieving better knowledge retention through in-house application. Well-known universities and research institutes using TBL pedagogy include Columbia University, Yale University and Duke-NUS Medical School


As it is instructor‐directed, TBL is good for any skill‐based course that encourages deep learning and team development.  It is also an effective strategy for instructors wishing to increase participant engagement, active learning, and discussion in the classroom context.


As a viable methodology to enhance some key skills of the future (as identified by the World Economic Forum in its 2016 report) - complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, coordinating with others, judgment and decision making, and negotiation, the use of TBL pedagogy will be an important asset to any organization and learning and development professional looking to mould the workforce of tomorrow.


Target Audience

Corporate learning and development professionals and independent trainers

This course is eligible for SkillsFuture Funding.

Date & Time

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2 Days, 9AM - 5PM




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Course Content

1.      Introduction to Team-based learning (“TBL”)

2.      Benefits and considerations of TBL

3.      Developing a TBL course: Application exercise development and multiple choice writing for TBL

4.      Facilitation for TBL

5.      Peer Evaluation and Course Evaluation

Lesson Plan

Day 1


Module 1: Introduction to TBL

  1. Define the five components of TBL (pre-work, readiness assurance individual and team, clarifications, application exercises and peer/course evaluation)

  2. Explain the benefits and considerations of TBL

  3. Describe where to begin with designing a TBL course: backwards design and resources


Module 2: TBL course “backwards design” and pre-work



Module 3: Application exercise development

  1. Define

  2. Explain why it is important

  3. Describe the key factors in developing application exercise


Day 2


Module 4: Multiple choice question writing for TBL

  1. Define MCQs for TBL

  2. Explain why it is important

  3. Describe the key factors in developing MCQs for TBL



Module 5: Facilitation for TBL

  1. Define TBL facilitation

  2. Explain why it is important

  3. Describe the three key factors for facilitating TBL

  • Preparation: Team formation and Faculty guides

  • What to facilitate: real-time data analysis, clarification process, appeals process

  • How to facilitate:  techniques


Module 6: Peer Evaluation and Course Evaluation

  1. Define

  2. Explain why important

  3. Describe How to do it

About the Facilitator


Commercial Founder and Executive Chairman, CognaLearn

Former Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Learning Technologies and Methods

Duke-NUS Medical School Adjunct Professor

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia

Brian O’Dwyer founded CognaLearn to help people learn better and faster.  CognaLearn uses patent pending learning methods and technologies developed at Duke-NUS Medical School to close skill gaps with cognitive science.  CognaLearn has developed the InteDashboard technology platform for Team-based learning (“TBL”) form of blended learning which is used by 10 universities in Asia, Australia and the US; delivers train-the-trainer workshops for TBL and blended learning; and provides turkey blended learning solutions in healthcare for GSK, Pfizer and Takeda under the MEDNIVA vertical and career skills under the 5stepCareers vertical. 

Brian O’Dwyer is also an Adjunct Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia in Singapore where he teaches three courses with a team based teaching method that utilizes a flipped classroom:  Aeronautical Science for Management, Airport Administration and Finance and Airline Management.  He has also appeared as an Aviation Analyst on Channel NewsAsia on 18 occasions.   Brian has been an invited speaker and panellist on the topic of blended learning at conferences in Asia, Australia, Latin America and the United States.

Brian is an experienced corporate finance professional having completed 50 corporate finance transactions with a total deal value of US$15 billion.  Previously, Brian was the Group Chief Financial Officer of Skywest Airlines Limited which was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM and the Australian Stock Exchange until the sale to Virgin Australia in 2013. Prior to joining Skywest, Brian was an investment banker at Credit Suisse in Singapore, Chicago and New York where he specialized in corporate finance.  He was also a strategy and operations management consultant with A.T. Kearney in Chicago.

Brian is based in Singapore and holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA in Finance from Duke University.  Brian is the former President of the Duke Singapore Alumni Club.  Brian is a private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine and seaplane pilot.  Brian has completed 17 marathons or triathlons and is a golfer.  Brian is married with four children.


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