STADA will work with you to develop effective training solutions for your organisation. We have the tested and proprietary analytical instrumentation to identify and determine the organisational competency gaps, and recommend the most effective training and non-training solutions. 


Our pool of subject matter experts from various industries will be able to design and deliver the suitable training programmes. in an engaging and effective manner. STADA will also conduct evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of the training.


Our training solutions are specially customised to:

  • Achieve spot on analyses

  • Improve organisational productivity through training

  • Develop employees to attain talent retention

  • Develop leaders to drive mission alignment

  • Support continuing professional development of managers and team members

  • Increase employee motivation


STADA provides you with the full range of training administration services with options for your training delivery venue: on site at client premise or hotels and resorts either local or overseas. Contact us to find out how STADA's consultancy services can take your employees' development to the next level.

Assessing team effectiveness, organisational perception assessment, mindset change.

Measuring employee engagement, improving communication to improve retention of talent.

Workforce productivity improvement, workplace cooperation and collaboration, motivation.

Being an opportunity-creator in organisation, courageous leadership for women.

Differentiate your culture from competitors, create culture of accountability.

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Organisation performance training and follow-up coaching for profit and non-profit organisations.

Providing tested change roadmap, training for change management.

Design deployment framework, strategies for corporate core values.

Helping aspiring entrepreneurs to turn business ideas to reality.

Character, Caring, Clothing, Customer Service, Communication, Composure, Commitment. 

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why trust us

From serving Fortune-500 companies to non-profit organisations, we dedicate our resources to ensure that the most precise solutions, mixed with experiential learning best practices, are made available for your organisation. STADA is committed to progress together with the companies and facilitators we work with. See the clients we have served and talk to us today for a relationship that puts you first.

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