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Book Review: Conversational Intelligence - Judith E. Glaser

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Robert Yeo, ED & CEO (STADA)

I find the work of Judith E. Glaser and her book on C_IQ to be very relevant to organizations today. As organizations’ structure get flatter, the importance of working across business units through the matrix system become key to the success of projects. Therefore the contributions of teams and the understanding of how a team functions together as one body in harmony becomes a critical aspect of effective results management.

What is also interesting is her ability to create and combine the understanding of the effectiveness of conversation – the emotional and self-centeredness of the individual to drive her or his outcome to the understanding and discipline of the neuroscience of learning to help the facilitator and the individual team members to consciously trigger or choose and/or influence a positive conversation (oxytocin) over the negative alternative (cortisol) as a competence that anyone who wants to be an effective leader or communicator must know.

Glaser's decades of research as a social scientist have been supplemented by her work as a communications consultant and coach to senior executive teams where she discovered that conversations are fundamental to our daily lives and a key driver of our unit of work.

What makes Glaser's work impactful is that she has brought two disciplines together: conversation and neuroscience to create a new discipline of Conversational Intelligence. C_IQ embodies an idea which co-creates trust, on a sustainable basis as individuals, teams within organizations can learn and master. Personally I find this approach very powerful as we are able to bring positive outcome through the sharing of experiences through storytelling and understanding of how our minds function.

She successfully demonstrates that trust and fear trigger different hormonal reactions. Through her work and the case studies she is able to bring to bear that Conversational Intelligence provide a pathway forward to the realization of the potential for of collaborations, collective wisdom as a foundation of trust.

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