The Science Behind Success: Accelerate Your Leadership


"The Science Behind Success is a secret weapon that will fast track your career trajectory".
Gavin Harrison - Co-Founder, Compello Consulting Inc.


Organizations often fail their leaders by waiting until they become managers or people leaders before they invest in their development - making the transition into a leadership position more difficult.

When we equip you with both the foundational skills and the essential mindset for leadership early in your career, it separates you from the pack, accelerates your leadership journey and will prepare you to influence others within the business.

You can accelerate your career path by learning our science-based approach taught to executives and teams around the world to build strong cultures and increase performance.

In this event, you will answer questions like:

  • What leadership skills should I learn to master early in my career?

  • How do I achieve great results and become a lynchpin within the business early on?

  • How do I influence like a seasoned leader, right now?

You will also:

  • Learn the SCIENCE behind growth, influence and performance

  • Learn a simple and highly effective method that HIGH PERFORMANCE athletes use to accelerate their development

  • Explore the ESSENTIAL mindset and tools to take control of your career

Who is this for?

This event is geared towards individual contributors, those new or entering the workforce, and early-stage or aspiring business leaders who want to accelerate their career.



20 January 2017, Friday

6.30 PM - 9.30 PM


Lifelong Learning Institute - Lecture Theatre

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore 408601


STADA Price: $17.50

(Usual Price: $35.00)

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Jayson Krause is a captivating speaker and successful entrepreneur. He is a former Canadian national champion in bobsled and author of the award winning book “52 People”. Jayson has been an executive with the world’s largest coach training company and has worked with senior and emerging leaders across Asia, Europe and North America to inspire and redefine high
performance in organizations.


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