Get customized solutions for your organization covering these areas:

• Strengthening organisational effectiveness

• Linking strategy with operations

• Enhancing people productivity

• Deriving returns on investment in training

• Recognising good performance and identify talent for the future


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The solutions will be facilitated by the CoRees Team from ManagementWise (International) Pte Ltd. 


The CoRees Team comprise newly-retired and re-fired C-Suite business leaders from varied industries and businesses. They are ManagementWise (International) Consulting Partners and Certified RMS Facilitators, geared to assist organisations (profit and not-for-profit) to implement the Results Management System© that focusses on the Human Side of Enterprise Productivity.


They provide Consulting Advice at the Macro Corporate level, Group Training at the Operational Delivery Process level and Personal Coaching at the Individual Performance level to implement ManagementWise (International)’s flagship Results Management System©.


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In Books and Webinar

Results Management: Effective People Management to Achieve Excellent Results

by Teong Wan Ong

Published by WILEY

ISBN: 978-0-470-82414-6



An exceptional book culminating from decades of practical experience. Real-world examples are peppered throughout the book to fully demonstrate the ideas and strategies that the author presents. Its interactive delivery makes the book highly readable and effective in helping managers achieve results through and with people.
--Albert Cheng Yong Kim, Deputy Chairman, The Lion Group, Malaysia

Set within a company context and laced with real day-to-day challenges faced by managers, the book contains many practical ideas for all those involved in managing people to achieve results. Teong Wan provides down-to-earth approaches to put in place a management system to raise motivation and productivity. A book that makes for easy reading for the busy executive.
--Koh Juan Kiat, Executive Director, Singapore National Employers Federation

It isn't often a business book comes along with both sage and practical advice about how managers can improve business results, but Ong Teong Wan's Results Management does just that.  From developing a results management system to managing talented staff, the book is a superb, hands-on guide to managing and growing a business.
--Kevin McAuliffe, President, Newport Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

STADA Webinar: Results-Centric Performance Management


Mr. Ong Teong Wan and Julie Clow are both practitioners who are advocating organization management through driving results. Mr. Ong’s book, ‘Results Management’ focus on the performance measures that managers should be working on as they use management tools and system while Julie’s authored book entitled ‘The Work Revolution’ emphasized the importance of impact on performance rather than activities in management implementation.


Broadcast LIVE from Glocal Connect Village, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore


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