STADA has signed a training partnership with Real Centre Network Training Centre (RCN) to bring two selected WSQ courses – Deliver Impactful Presentations and Coach for Service Performance for its current network of real estate salespersons. The Training Partnership Agreement, signed for two years between The Real Centre Network and Singapore Training and Development Association, enhances productivity and efficiency by tapping on combined resources. Other relevant courses may be added along the way.


Two WSQ courses, Deliver Impactful Presentations and Coach for Service Performance are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and WSG Course Fee Support. “We at RCN are extremely excited and pleased to be partnering Singapore Training and Development Association to offer continuous development opportunities to the real estate industry and like-minded professionals who are dedicated to improving the standards of the industry. It is more effective for relevant centres to come together to combine resources. This collaboration to share good curriculum that has already been created will improve efficiency and increase productivity,” says Mr Ken Lim, founder of RCN.

About the Real Centre Network Training Centre


The Real Centre Network is an Approved Course Provider for the Real Estate Salesperson and Continuing Professional Development courses.  Established in 2010, the Network was created to address the issue of real estate people applying their knowledge to practical situations. The Network’s training methods address this by ensuring all trainers have full ACTA (Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment) certification and years of industry experience. 


With the profession of real estate entering a new era, the need for training has risen significantly, as consumers expect competent salespersons to assist in their housing decisions.  The Real Centre Network’s training programmes help develop a profession of reputable, competent and noble property experts who are sincere in helping Singaporeans secure their dream homes.  Since its establishment, the Network has conducted over 200 Real Estate Salesperson intakes with over 8,000 RES students and 10,000 CPD participants to achieve this goal. To date, RCN has catered to more than 55% of the total real estate salespersons in Singapore.


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