Networking Night: 


Creating a People-Centric & Values-Driven Workplace Culture

Date & Time

16 September 2015, Wednesday

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Singapore Training and Development Association

16 Arumugam Road #06-01

Lion Building D
Singapore 409961


Public: $20.00 per pax

STADA Member: $10.00 per pax

(Light dinner will be provided)


*Confirmation of seat is upon payment


The Networking Night Workshop will focus on cultural transformation and provide space for new-thinking about employees as “people”. If companies start to think of employees as "people" or consumers (ie. they can always go elsewhere), then all of a sudden we think about "people management" in a new way. It's not just a way to integrate HR processes, it's a series of strategies, programs, investments, and promises that make everyone's life, work, and career better for them (not just the company). This is where work is going - we now work in a world of independent free agents, each of which is like a voluntary "consumer" who may choose to stay or leave.


"People Management" means "creating a people environment." The company creates a definable culture (driven from leadership), hires against that culture, empowers people to deliver, and holds them accountable to results. And the scaffolding around this includes a great work environment, lots of development opportunities, great benefits and pay, and a culture of inclusion and coaching. These are all things which HR talks about, but they go well beyond "integrated talent management."


Workshop Themes

  • Leadership aligned in “The Desired Culture” to enable Organisation Outcomes

  • Values-driven leadership to meet desired outcomes, and how to address blind-spots

  • Competency gaps in attitudes, knowledge and skills

  • Interventions to align leaders

  • Measuring individual and team leadership change


Who should attend

  • Top Executives in Organizations who are influencers

  • HR & OD leaders who are change agents

  • Middle Managers & Leaders who care about their team’s productivity

  • Coaches & Mentors

  • Entrepreneurs who are setting up values in organizations

  • Learning & Development practitioners

About the Speaker

Joanna Barclay, CEO, Culture Leadership Group

Corporate Leadership Consultant, CPF, CTPF


Joanna Barclay is an energetic, personable corporate leadership consultant, international speaker and author, and media columnist to the Business Times.


With extensive experience in transforming workplace culture, facilitated strategic planning and leadership development, she is skilled at working with leadership teams around the world, enabling them to clarify their goals, assess the current environment, work effectively together and develop plans to meet the needs of the future.


Her many strengths include building consensus where ideas come together, enabling people’s voices, ideas and contributions to be heard. She has a keen understanding of human dynamics through her work championing the TLEX Program (Transformational Leadership for Excellence) where she enables people to reach their full potential.

With over 30 years of experience in business transformation, working with Digital Equipment, Oracle Corporation, and as an independent management consultant, she has facilitated numerous organizational transformations with a wide variety of clients including large Canadian federal government departments, private corporations and non-profits associations including: General Motors, Roche Diabetes, SAP, Astellas, Transport Canada, Environment Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada.


Joanna is a Management of Information Systems graduate from the University of Ottawa and has studied widely in the areas of organizational development, facilitation, leadership and learning. She has earned her certificate in Organization Development from the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science, is a Barrett Values Center Certified Cultural Assessment & Transformation Consultant, an International Association of Facilitators Certified Professional Facilitator, Institute of Cultural Affairs Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator, and a Personal Strengths Certified Strengths Deployment Inventory® Consultant level 1 & 2.


“Joanna was integral in transforming my client engagement network from a loose committee to a strong leadership team. This was achieved through the use of the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools. But the best tool of all was Joanna herself.” Daniel Leclair, Director General, Public Works and Government Services Canada


“AYP Asia Group were delighted to have Joanna Barclay from The Culture Leadership Group present to business leaders in our CEO network. The feedback from the leaders was very encouraging and positive. With her wealth of experience in this area, organisations who engage in her services will surely benefit from it.” Annie Yap, Group Managing Director, AYP Asia Group, Singapore


“Thank you for your tremendous support, time and effort you devoted at helping me with this transformational initiative. Your level of energy and enthusiasm are truly inspirational!” Richard Thivierge, Deputy CIO, Transport Canada

Conscious Culture - How to Build a High Performance Workforce through Values, Ethics, and Leadership

Change is the new norm in society, and it's having a devastating impact on organizations. The proof? Insecure, demoralized employees and the lowest levels ever of employee engagement. North America employee engagement is between 26-30 percent, and in Asia it's between 6-12 percent. That's a lot of untapped employee potential!


In Conscious Culture, Joanna Barclay shares thirty years of business transformation experience. Leaders learn how to awaken the life-force energy within values, ethics, and leadership that ignites performance and employee engagement. With the ABCs of culture change, she provides a blueprint for leaders to consciously create a high-performing, values-driven organization.


Values energize us-they give us joy when they are lived and frustration when they are not. They embody our heart and soul, calling us to action and helping us perform to our highest potential. Leaders will learn the importance of facilitative leadership and how to tap the wisdom of the group, unify employees, and connect hearts and minds to create a WOW culture.


Conscious Culture is for leaders who want to:

  • become an employer of choice and build a high-performing work environment

  • learn how to generate greater engagement and increase productivity

  • build a new culture after a merger or acquisition

  • transition from personal excellence to organizational excellence


How are you consciously investing in your culture-or do you have unconscious, default culture?


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