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27 SEPT 2017

6.00 - 9.00PM


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The Trials & Tribulations of Training in a Digitally Evolving World by Yehuda BenSimon


In a traditional industry such as professional printing that is over 600 years old, digital transformation is not easy – whether it is in terms of redefining what the industry will look like in the short and long term, or training highly skilled printing professionals in a fast-scaling environment. The easy assumption is that digital is an automated, plug-and-play model that requires minimal to no training – which is absolutely not true. Gain insights and learnings from the challenges Yehuda has faced and overcome, and how he has enabled HP’s GSS Learning Academy to quickly become the knowledge lighthouse for the professional printing industry and a truly innovative industry leader in the field.


Navigating Organizational Change by Francis Lim


There are many challenges which organizations know they face going into the future. Hence, they are transforming in one way or another to deal with this new era or preparing for the future. However, as KPMG Transformation Study 2016 showed, only 30% of the transformations achieved their desired outcomes, which meant that many others had been disappointing, with the entire organization experiencing frustrations, waste of time and resource, loss of leadership credibility and staff engagement as well as an increase in cynicism to the next change effort.


So why is effective and sustainable change so hard to achieve in organizations even though everyone seems to have the heart to make it work? In this talk, Francis shall highlight some of the contributing factors, from inhibitors and disabilities latent within the internal culture, to dynamic complexities impacting from external environment, to deeply set mindsets and behavior within the people.


So, is there a way to turn transformations into success, or at least increase their probability of success? Francis firmly believes that:

  • Transformations can be engineered, in a systematic and holistic way, for success.

  • It is possible to formulate action plans and change implementation to create desired outcomes.

  • There are certain enduring mindsets which when properly identified, factored and adopted during the change process, there will be a high chance of sustainable success. 


In this talk, he shall share the how and what, based on a learning framework, and his experiences in this area of work. Throughout the presentation, Francis will also engage the audience actively as he facilitates with thought-provoking questions to deepen the resonance between what was presented and their own experiences within their organizations.   


Learning Academy Manager,

HP Graphics Solutions Services (APAC & Japan)

Yehuda heads the HP GSS Learning Academy for Asia Pacific & Japan, based in HP’s regional headquarters in Singapore. The Learning Academy is a knowledge lighthouse focused on capability training and creating deeper awareness on the enormous potential of digital printing in Asia Pacific in close partnership with key government and educational institutions across Asia. Since joining HP in 2004, Yehuda has held various roles, including Technical Group Manager for HP in Asia Pacific and Japan. In this position, he built & led a team of over 25 employees that proactively managed customer relationships, optimized organizational processes, measurement systems and maximizing business results in service.  Yehuda graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Speaker, Coach, Author,

LIT Inner Works

Francis graduated with a master’s in electrical engineering and a minor in philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He then worked in a public service organisation, in the domain of technology research and development, for two decades. His rich corporate experience allowed him to explore leadership roles in engineering and technical consultancy; people, project, and programme management; research and development; and master planning. He also had the opportunity to participate in knowledge management, organisational learning and development, and leadership engagement, as well as change management initiatives within the company and its larger ecosystem. Walking this journey during the transformative rise of the internet age made Francis fully aware of the impact of rapid change and increasing complexities on people, teams, and organisations as a whole. Coupled with his strong sensitivity and passion in inner work involving deeper levels of change in people, Francis is excited about working with leaders and executives of teams and organisations to understand issues in deeper ways, shifting mindsets towards customers and change, building generative skills and capabilities, as well as formulating effective action strategies for desired states. He is currently actively doing so in the same organisation he started working in, influencing and contributing at various levels. Francis is also the author of the book Corporate Closets, A Progressive Look, where he summarised the critical awareness and sustainability strategies to plan and implement effective change for high performance and growth in teams and organisations.



6.00 to 7.00PM: Registration* and Light Dinner

7.00 to 8.30PM: Presentation by Panel Speakers

8.30 to 9.00PM: Panel Discussion and Q&As

9.00PM: Networking and End of Session


Registration closes: 25 September 2017

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