Legality of Creative Motion Picture Use For Corporate Training & Staff Welfare Programmes

The use of motion pictures is fast gaining popularity within Training & Development divisions in various corporations: Why? One of many reasons is because certain scenes in carefully selected movies can be effectively used to fit into various aspects of corporate training themes, be it Leadership, Motivation, Negotiation, Group Dynamics, etc. The positive impact and knowledge retention from movie clip integration, has been proven, in several studies, to be more effective than just plain lecturing. However, the use of motion pictures in such a setting is illegal without the necessary licences, and that is where MPLC comes in to provide the simple and affordable solution to corporations to enable their inhouse Trainers to legally utilise tens of thousands of motion pictures across every genre from our 800 affiliated studios for their Training & Development programmes. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives from the Training & Development, Legal, Human Resources or Staff Welfare & Recreation Divisions of their respective corporations

  • Divisions that are currently using motion pictures or are planning to incorporate motion pictures/ clips in their Training & Development programmes, or Staff Welfare Committees that are currently using motion pictures or are planning to introduce motion pictures as part of their Staff Welfare and Recreation programmes in their staff lounges or recreational clubs or rooms.

  • Operations staff who have plans to introduce carefully programmed motion pictures in their client lounges, waiting rooms or lobbies, will also benefit from this seminar in terms of protecting their organisations against any inadvertent copyright infringement of Section 83 of the Singapore Copyright Act. 


Date: 25 April 2017, Tuesday

Time: 2.00 PM - 4.00 PM

(Registration Starts at 2.00 PM)

Venue: SPACES City Hall

Business Lounge, Level 1

410 North Bridge Road

Singapore 188716


* Hot Coffee & Tea will be provided

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Xu Jia Yuan

Licensing Director, Motion Picture Licensing Company (Singapore)

Xu Jia Yuan, is the Licensing Director with Motion Picture Licensing Company Singapore and MPLC Malaysia. He has been with the organisation since inception in Singapore since 2010. Prior to 2010, there was no simple legal solution for the use of copyrighted motion pictures: Organisations who require the use of various genres of motion pictures or clips need to hunt and search for a myriad of motion picture studios to obtain the various public performance rights, which is a very tedious and administratively tiring process as their staff are not familiar with movie rights and there are thousands of movie studios, each having rights to their own library of titles. Furthermore, there are many organisations who are totally unaware of the Singapore Copyright Act when it comes to public performances of copyrighted motion pictures: Which is a greater worry because these organisations may be inadvertently infringing on the Singapore Copyright Act (Sec 83) when they are using movie clips for their Training & Development or Staff Recreational uses without the necessary licences. 

Jia Yuan and the key management team has embarked a long journey since 2010 in forming collaborations with key Government agencies such as Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and Media Development Authority of Singapore (Now known as IMDA) as well as Industry leaders and Associations in educating various industries about motion picture copyright as well as providing the necessary solutions for these industries. The MPLC provides the simple and affordable solution by way of the MPLC Umbrella Licence® which is a great boon to all organisations as they now have a one-stop copyright solution which enables licensees to tap on tens of thousands of movies from over 800 studios and distributors across every genre. This means that organisations need not waste precious time hunting and searching for various copyright owners for every movie or clip that they wish to use. 


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