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Singapore University
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Date & Time

12 APRIL 2017

6.00 - 9.00PM


S$10/pax (member)

S$20/pax (non-member)

Corporate Digital Transformation Acceleration: Smart OR Smarter Change Management by Hunjong Ha


Digital sounds so cool! Change seems difficult. Unfortunately, both come together. We can’t choose between those two things in our 21st century corporate environment. We call it Digital Transformation. It is critical your company becomes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspect of existing and future business processes in order to win competitions in the market. Therefore, it becomes vital for your company to drive such challenging digital transformation and deal with following changes in a smart or a smarter way. If you are going to do this, it is now or never. DIGITAL will CHANGE everything very soon. 


Disrupting Learning & Development Using Games Technology & AI by Ivan Boo


Serious Games Association has been working with numerous organisations to adapt and create innovative approaches to learning and development here in Singapore. These innovation was developed using advanced game technology and artificial intelligence. Game technology today has extended its scope into other technology domains such as virtual reality, augmented reality, internet-of-things, deep learning and data analytics. We have to now relook at how we understand game technology and its application in the learning & development industry. This session will share on 4 changes that have been brought about by game technology and AI.


1. Games are not just engagement tools but are becoming assessment tools.

2. Need for personalisation of learning experience.

3. Producing quality data through intelligent games.

4. Need for validation of games and applications.



Serious Games Association

Ivan served as a founding member of Serious Games Association (Singapore) and Serious Games Asia. The main purpose of Serious Games Association (Singapore) was to create the bridge between subject matter experts from the healthcare and education sectors with the technologist for adopting, development and creating sustainable innovative technology-focused solutions. Ivan specialises in introducing gamification strategies for healthcare and corporate organizations to increase organizational productivity and work process efficiency. He partners with various technologist including programmers, engineers, data scientist with healthcare clinicians and educators to develop game or gamification related projects.


Digital & eCommerce Product Information Architect,

3M Asia

Hunjong is the Digital & eCommerce Product Information Architect within the 3M Asia operation. As their business architect, Hunjong leads and supports sustainable 3M digital business development Asia-wide throughout platform deployment, process development, content management, and regional capability building in driving breakthrough data analytics. In his previous role as the Global Product Information Management Lead, Hunjong provided global leading expertise and leadership to 3M Canada during their SAP Hybris transition period. After numerous experiences of global and local customer-facing projects, Hunjong has learned data is just a fact before getting organized; he strongly believes the organized information becomes powerful business intelligence which brings the next innovation into the company. Hunjong holds an MBA degree from Sejong University in South Korea.



6.00 to 7.00PM: Registration* and Light Dinner

7.00 to 8.30PM: Presentation by Panel Speakers

8.30 to 9.00PM: Panel Discussion and Q&As

9.00PM: Networking and End of Session


Registration closes: 11 April 2017

Walk-in registrations would not be accepted


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