Certificate in Applied Talent Analytics

Make data-driven development decisions for your most important capital in organisation.
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An organization’s success is highly dependable upon its pool of human resources and effective deployment of resources has been proven to positively drive a company’s performance. That is why human resource analytics is of paramount importance when it comes to making strategic decisions in terms of employee recruitment, engagement, retention and also prediction of employee performance across time and management of risk due to attrition.


This course is specially designed with the focus on workforce and talent analytics involving learning and development professionals. Spanning a total duration of 2 days, this course seeks to empower participants with a sound grounding in analytical concepts and frameworks, where learning is facilitated with up-to-date case studies and applications.


This 2-day workshop assumes little or minimum quantitative training though participants are expected to be comfortable with quantitative discussions and are required to sit for an open-book quiz to ensure the course objectives are met.

Date & Time

13 - 14 Dec 2018

Monday - Tuesday

9AM - 5PM




S$490/pax (member)

S$640/pax (non-member)

Prices are subject to 7% GST

Course Content

Overview: Talent analytics and the role of big data analytics in the HR and L&D profession

  • Examples and overview of case studies

Introduction to knowledge management and knowledge discovery

  • How companies and individuals involved in organizational development and behaviour can tap into the power of analytics

Principles of Analytics: Frameworks and Models

  • Group and individual exercise on business cases

Data Exploration and Preparation

  • Simple descriptive statistics

  • Basic missing value analysis and imputation

  • Visual Analytics: Seeing data graphically

Analytics tools and techniques:

  • Predictive Analytics

    • Case studies and applications:

      • Prediction of Employee performance overtime

      • How to identify and quantify reasons behind successful recruitment

      • Forecasting of workforce requirements and optimizing of talent management

  • Segmentation Modelling

    • Cluster analysis

    • Case studies and applications:

      • Employee attrition: How to identify employees who are at risk of leaving the organization

  • Association Mining

    • Market basket analysis

    • Case studies and applications:

      • Optimization of training and development and how to quantify measure the ROI of training investments


Practical application: Applying principles of analytics using analytics software


*Wherever possible, the course will be conducted with computer-aided data analysis software and participants will get a chance to see how analytics are being applied in real-life scenario.

Mode of Assessment

Participants are required to sit for an open book quiz which exemplifies the content covered in the customized course.


Earn a certificate to include into your resume and share your achievement with your peers!


A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded by STADA for participants who meet the minimum course requirements of passing a Quiz at the end of the course (20 Multiple Choice Questions with passing score of 70%).


Participants who fail to meet the passing criteria but have attended at least 75% of the course will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Trainer's Profile

Mr. Ng Jinsheng joined IBM SPSS in 2008 as an Executive in Training and Consulting after his graduation from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Degree in Statistics and Applied Probability. During his stay in IBM SPSS, he has trained hundreds of participants from the public service and private sector in statistical and data mining concepts, tools and applications in solving business problems. He has also led consulting projects and worked with C-level executives in addressing pressing business issues during which he received numerous praises and testimonies. During his working with IBM SPSS, Mr. Ng Jinsheng also completed his Masters of Science in Knowledge Management [M.Sc(KM)] from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and graduated one of the top in his cohort with a Dean’s List award in academic excellence. He later joined SAS Institute as an Education Specialist in the Training department, and thereafter as a Senior Associate in professional Consulting services.


An academic paper he has co-authored was nominated for the Best Paper Award in the 20th International Conference on Computers in Education (2012). He is currently a founding member of AnaVantage Management Consultancy LLP, and lectures and trains at Tertiary Institutions in Singapore in the area of business statistics, data mining and analytics, and develops analytics courses for undergraduate programmes in Singapore. He is also an IBM Business Analytics Certified Specialist in IBM SPSS Modeler (Professional) and IBM SPSS Statistics, as well as SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Certified Business Analyst using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling.


Professionally as a Trainer, Jinsheng possessed an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) conferred by the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore (WDA) and a proud recipient of the prestigious “Excellence in Teaching” Award (EIT) conferred by the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) during the Annual Excellence in Teaching and Training Convention 2015.  He is also conferred the title of an Associate Adult Educator by the Institute of Adult Learning (IAL) in 2016, an Adult Educators’ Professionalisation recognition which awards pedagogical and professional excellence.

Who Should Attend?

The Certificate in Applied Talent Analytics Program is designed for human capital development practitioners who aspire to be equipped with better decision making tools using data-driven approach and seek to understand the principles of analytics in their strategic role. Practitioners who are new to the field will gain insights of how organisations are using analytics to better understand the human capital and senior leaders in organisations will be able to validate the objective decision making for talents.


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