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Transformational Leadership
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Transformational Leadership

“One Team, One Global Vision – instilled using the triple ‘H’ ( Head, Heart & Hands ) model”


Transformational Leadership – PSA 

Corporate transition requires winning heads, hearts and hands to realise and extend competitive advantage during an organisational transformation.



How to take a company and its 7,000 employees through a corporatisation process, whilst maintaining its global leadership position in the port and maritime industry, was the challenge. Partnering Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA) was a first step in finding a successful solution. To smoothly manage corporatisation, restructuring and increased globalisation, the client identified the need to align employees to a common vision and mission, and train teams to handle organisational changes and working behaviours in a new corporate environment.



STADA’s consulting team developed a framework of human capital development solutions to manage the transition. In Phase 1, small group experiential interventions and a communication programme prepared employees for change, from how to develop teams to personal coping mechanisms. In Phase 2, the new corporate culture was unveiled - One Team, One Global Vision – and instilled using the triple ‘H’ ( Head, Heart & Hands ) model which focuses on rational and emotional acceptance, and action. Training feedback loops were included to ensure reinforcement of learning and transfer of knowledge. Performance of the programme was measured through pre- and post-test behaviour analyses.



A survey conducted to study the impact of the training on attitudes towards task participation and social support – critical factors in a corporatisation –showed positive shifts in attitudes. On a 7-point scale, task scores increased from 5.34 to 5.88 and social support from 5.97 to 6.25. Task participation increased 8%, social support increased 4%. Pre- and post-test data, information and insights now serve as knowledge for future organisational development.


Experiential methodology is scalable and applicable to organisational transformation Change management requires effective employee engagement at rational, emotional and practical levels to succeed Private sector can leverage institutional capabilities for macro as well as micro programmes to cost-effectively leverage HR capabilities 


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