Preconference WORKSHOPS

Workshop 1

Leaving ADDIE for SAM MegaWorkshop

In this workshop, you'll practice the techniques necessary to produce the meaningful, memorable, and motivational scenario-based learning experiences your organization needs. You'll have the unique opportunity to participate in an industry-leading strategy specifically created to facilitate brainstorming and design prototyping. Return to your organization with skills that blend these four categories: agile project management, performance consulting, stakeholder management, and performance improvement.  

Track: Training Delivery 

Workshop 2

Coaching Essentials for Managers

Facilitator: Tracy Hutton, The Marcus Buckinham Company

The job of any coach is readily visible to the outside world: He or she turns talent into performance, shaping and guiding the natural gifts of people on the team to contribute to the goals of the team as a whole. The job of the manager is exactly the same. This means that every manager needs to understand the basic principles of coaching and learn coaching skills to lead a team effectively. In this workshop you will explore the reasoning behind a strengths-based approach to developing people, learn a strengths-based model for coaching team members, and practice applying that model. You will also learn techniques and strategies to build trust, reframe situations to achieve more powerful outcomes, and provide performance feedback that inspires people to take action. Finally, you will focus your attention on the 5 Cs: coaching conversations every manager must be prepared to have.  

Track: Leadership Development 

Workshop 3

Funny Fuel: Gas to Gain Glee in Your Training and Speaking

Facilitator: Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, High-Five Performance, Inc.

Is your humor tank running on empty? It's time to fill up with funny fuel! The speaker, a seasoned training professional, speaker, and professional comedian, will show you tools and techniques for building entertainment into your training programs and presentations. Use of humor in training and speaking will engage your participants and make your program more memorable. Through storytelling, one-liners, and other comedic techniques, you can turn your good program into a great program. Attend this workshop to discover simple ways to "think funny," create effective training programs, and have a good laugh with your colleagues! 

Track: Training Delivery

Workshop 4

Improving Internal and External Knowledge

Facilitator: Holly Baxter, Strategic Knowledge Solutions

Transfer Expert knowledge is difficult to capture and transfer effectively because it involves deeply embedded skills that experts may not understand how to share. The challenge is how to train individuals to capture and transfer that knowledge among co-workers and external partners who need to work together on high-stakes projects. This workshop offers knowledge transfer and flow strategies and effective training tools for enhancing knowledge flow in organizations, both internally and externally. It will cover the impact of internal versus external parties on knowledge transfer, as well as knowledge sharing for geographically dispersed organizations. Best practices and tools are shared for capturing key knowledge, analyzing and documenting that knowledge, and utilizing multiple training strategies to transfer that key knowledge. The workshop will provide an open forum for addressing individual challenges. 

Track: Learning Measurement & Analytics

Workshop 5

Infographic Master Class

Facilitator: Mark Parkinson, Billion Dollar Graphics

In this workshop, you'll learn to turn words and data into clear, compelling infographics. Get a proven process to convert content into visual concepts, learn important design principles, and get step-by step techniques to render graphics in PowerPoint. (The techniques are applicable to Adobe and other graphic tools.) You'll also receive a library of 200 PowerPoint graphics and the Graphic Cheat Sheet. This workshop uses exercises, so bring your laptop with MS PowerPoint 2013 or newer to design and render an infographic you can use on your next project. No design skill required or previous experience needed. 

Track: Instructional Design

Workshop 6

Know the Mind, Know the Learner: Applying Brain Science to Improve Training

Art Kohn, Portland State University Business School

This workshop takes a serious scientific view of the brain and the science of learning. The speakers will help you master core principles for developing training programs that engage the brain and maximize learning and recall. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in psychology, the brain, and how we can improve teaching and learning. This workshop was presented at ATD 2016, and was well received. 

Track: Science of Learning

Workshop 7

Performance Consulting: The What, Why, and How

Facilitator: Dana Robinson, Handshaw, Inc.

In your organization, do managers frequently come to you already having determined that a learning or HR solution is needed for a particular business problem? If you express concern, the manager may feel you are uncooperative; if you agree to move ahead, then it is possible that solutions will be implemented that yield little to no business results. In this workshop, you will learn how to use powerful questions to reframe a learning solution request into a discussion of the business and performance results the client is seeking, determining together the best next step. You will learn the mental model used by performance consultants to assess a situation and the technique of asking powerful questions to reframe solution requests. You'll leave with a starter kit of questions to use the next time someone calls you with a solution request.  

Track: Human Capital

Workshop 8

Smartphone Cinema for L&D Professionals

Facilitator: Sam Rogers, Snap Synapse LLC

Video production advice is easy to come by, but it's often complicated and wrong for learning and development (L&D). Unlike commercial video, satisfying learning objectives is what we really care about as L&D professionals. We need to leverage what we already know how to deliver every day, but now incorporating video. Luckily, it is finally possible to do this without breaking the budget, and with devices we already possess! In this workshop, come design, develop, implement, and evaluate video e-learning courses created entirely on the phone or tablet in your pocket. Let's have fun while demystifying the process of making undeniably effective content, and putting the wonderful world of video learning well within your reach.  

Track: Learning Technologies

Workshop 9

Talent Development in the Digital Age: Designing Learning Environments

Facilitator: Catherine Lombardozzi

Learning professionals are being urged to avoid creating courses and instead provide learners access to web-based materials, peer networks, work-based experiences, and other nontraining resources for learning. A successful strategy for leveraging the ecosystem in this way is not as easy as it sounds: Learners want freedom and guidance, and leaders want efficiency and proven capability development. In this workshop, you will learn a framework for pulling together a range of resources to deliver a comprehensive strategy for developing people. You'll learn techniques for finding and curating resources, approaches to scaffolding learners' ability to manage their own learning, considerations for boosting social learning, and a process for assembling a "learning environment," a deliberately curated set of resources for a specific learning need. Bring your own device, and you'll curate resources for a current project or case study.

Track: Instructional Design

Preparing for the CPLP - Instructor Led Workshop

Begin your journey to become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).

This two-day workshop is designed to help participants plan and execute their personal study plan for the CPLP using the ATD Learning System as the primary study tool. During the workshop, participants use the Learning System and a variety of interactive and reflective exercises to determine which of the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOEs) they need to focus on to create their own personal study plan. Participants also review the requirements for the work product submission component of the certification process.

Each course group will have access to an online community for their course. Upon course completion, course participants will have the option of joining an inclusive online community of all course participants for ongoing peer support and exchange.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the core concepts for each AOE in the ATD Competency Model and ATD Learning System.

  • Refine a personalized study plan, by identifying appropriate resources, to ensure thorough knowledge of each AOE.

  • Apply test-taking strategies for the knowledge exam.

  • Develop an action plan to prepare for work product submission.

  • Identify potential projects that could be leveraged to fulfill the work product requirement.

  • Identify key work product components and scoring criteria and guidelines.

  • Recognize how the elements of sample work products comply with CPLP certification requirements.



This program is designed for those who have the following qualifications:

  • five years of relevant work experience in the talent development profession

  • have decided that certification aligns with your career goals

  • have the resources required (time, money, energy) to invest in the CPLP

  • are ready to start preparing to earn your CPLP

  • want to know where your understanding of CPLP content is strong, and also where you need to invest more effort in preparation in order to be successful.


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