Shaping Employees for The Future: Creating Value for Organisations

The workforce of tomorrow will be dramatically different from the workforce of today and yesterday. New trends are influencing the future of work. This will result in us working very differently in the future as compared to the past. In the past, rules were set and passed down to employees. In the future, the employee will drive how work gets done. Ironically, we are moving into an environment where it is no longer about employees needing the organisation, it is becoming more of the organisation needing the talent.

Millennials with their new ways of working and technological fluency bring a new perspective to work: they want an environment that they love and want to work in; breaking the paradigm organisations have that people need to work. By 2025 millennials who cherish mobility and globalisation will constitute 75% of the workforce. The future workplace would have been impacted far more than what one could have imagined.

Employees are now starting to drive the decisions and beginning to have conversations on how work gets done, when it gets done, who it gets done with, what technologies are being used to get it done, etc. New behaviours on sharing, communicating and collaborating are permeating organisations. Technologies such as big data, the cloud, the Internet of Things, automation etc. are enabling us to think about work differently.

Employees will cherish their experiences and it is these positive experiences that will drive engagement, productivity and superior performance. Employee Engagement is no longer the once a year dip stick survey but one that needs to be real time. Employee development strategies need to be aligned with the future workplace.

Join a panel of worldwide experts to explore how to align your strategies in line with the trends affecting the future workplace.


Keynote 1: If Not You, Who? How To Crack The Code Of Employee Disengagement - Jill Christensen (Author, Employee Engagement Expert, Jill Christensen International, U.S.A)

Keynote 2: Are You Working on Purpose? - Alise Cortez, PhD (Professional/ Organizational Development Catalyst, Alise Cortez and Associates, U.S.A)

Keynote 3: The Future Of Talent: Talent And Innovation Stories From Around The World - Kimo Kippen (Vice President of Global Workforce Initiative, Hilton Worldwide Group, U.S.A)

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8 August: Masterclass Workshop & The Asia HRD Awards Gala Dinner

9 August: The Asia HRD Congress International Conference

10 - 12 August: Fast Track Accreditation Workshop

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